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Benjamin Greber

Benjamin Greber (Halle, Germania, 1979) ha studiato con Katharina Fritsch e Ayse Erkmen all’Accademia di Münster. Ha esposto dal 2007 con mostre personali e collettive presso importanti gallerie e musei in Germania, Belgio, Olanda, Italia (2009, Simona Vendrame, Milano).  Vive e lavora a Berlino.


November, 5th 2016 - January, 5th 2017
Never Shown on Purpose 
Circle1, Berlin

October, 24th - December, 11th 2016
Living with Ghosts 
Schloss Ringenberg

August, 19th - August, 22nd 2016
Beyond The Lines 
ARCUB, Bucharest (RO)

June, 11th - August, 21st 2016
Process Performance Presence 
Kunstverein Braunschweig

April, 8th - April, 16th 2016
The Same Sky 
Lepsien Art Foundation, Düsseldorf

October, 25th - November, 14th 2015
Group Show V 
Alexander Levy, Berlin

December, 19th - January 17th, 2015
Unterteile solo exhibition
Bruch&Dallas, Köln

November, 9th 2014 - November, 27th 2014
Finisage: November, 28th 2014
Art award
Silent Green, Berlin

June, 7th 2014 - July, 24th 2014
Drei Räume (solo exhibition)
Kunstverein Galerie Januar, Bochum

November, 16th 2013 - January, 26th 2014
KIT, Düsseldorf 

September, 7th- October, 19th 2013
Material Conceptualism
Aanant & Zoo, Berlin

April 22nd - May, 5th
Alles Steuert Der Blitz (solo exhibition) 
Fuhrwerkswage, Cologne

April, 21st - June, 23rd
Closing party on June, 23rd
Once More, Unto The Breach, Dear Firends, Once More
Lokaal01, Breda (NL) 

April, 12th - tba
Scores For Indeterminate Places
Latvian Center For Contemporary Art, Riga (LV)

November, 8th - November, 11th 2012
Kunsthaus Hamburg

May, 12th - May, 20th 2012
New Talents - Biennale Cologne

February, 25th - March, 31st 2012
"Dolores Lavatorium" (solo exhibition)
Dolores (Ellen de Bruijne Projects), Amsterdam (NL) 

January, 19th - March, 18th 2012
"Encyclothek" (With Matthias Böhler, Stefan Eichhorn, Sebastian Hein, Christian Orendt)
Khn, Nürnberg (GER)

July,1st - August, 31st 2011
"Almagia 1" (solo exhibition)
Galerie Opdahl, Berlin (GER)

October, 17th - November, 13th
Lokaal01 Residency (+ open studio)
Lokaal01, Antwerp (B)

November, 26th 2011 - January, 29th 2012
"Almagia 2"(solo exhibition)
GWK Förderpreis Kunst 2011 (with Kristina Berning))
Museum MARTA, Herford (GER)

November - December 2011 (tba)
"Schöne Wahrnehmung . Positionen Junger Kunst" (group exhibition)
Temporary Gallery Cologne, Cologne (GER)

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